Reliance AGM 2023: Jio AirFiber to be launched on 19 September, Ganesh Chaturthi


Reliance AGM today: Reliance Jio will launch its AirFiber service on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi on 19 September, announced Mukesh Ambani in his speech at the 46th Annual General Meeting on Monday.

Jio AirFiber to be launched on 19 September

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With this, the company plans to give connections per day. The company, Reliance Jiohas claims to expand Jio’s network to over 200 million druggies. The company claims that it has around 10 million JioFiber guests and the network is spread across 1.5 million kms.

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” Jio AirFiber uses a visage India 5G network to bypass the need for last fibre. Mukesh Ambani claimed in his AGM speech, with Jio AirFiber we can supercharge internet expansion to 150,000 connections per day”.

Jio-AirFiber-Launching-on-19-Sept Reliance AGM 2023: Jio AirFiber to be launched on 19 September, Ganesh Chaturthi
Jio Air Fiber Launching on 19 September

Other than this, Chairman Mukesh Ambani said that RIL has cumulatively invested further than $ 150 billion in the last 10 times. He also blazoned that India will be full of “tone-confidence” and become a “ completely advanced nation by 2047″. New Reliance has been a forerunner of the rising new India. We’ve set putatively insolvable pretensions and achieved them, says Ambani added.

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RIL’s consolidated earnings stood at ₹ crore, while EBITDA for FY23 was ₹ crore. The net profit was ₹ 73,670 crore, said Mukesh Ambani. With this, said that Reliance set new records in creating employment by generating 2.6 lakh jobs in FY23.

What’s Jio AirFiber?

The high-speed internet service aims to deliver fibre- suchlike speed over the air without using any cables. According to the data available on the Jio website, JioAirFiber is a plug-and-play device. Users can use it only by plugging it in and turning it on. With this, druggies can have their own particular Wi-Fi hotspot in their home, connected to ultra-high-speed internet using True 5G. With JioAirFiber, it’ll be really easy to snappily connect your home or office to Gigabit-speed Internet. Jio


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